Quartet is Stereo Digital Preamplifier, and more. Quartet can be used as a standalone ADC/DAC, a standalone music library and player, a CD player, a DLNA renderer, or playing music from an online streaming service, and of course as a preamplifier. Thanks to Quartet's built in phono preamp, ADCs and storage, it is a one stop solution to digitize and preserve precious vinyls. Quartet body is back with a brushed aluminium front panel either natural or black anodized.

Digital Section

analog to digital and digital to analog converters (PCM up to 192kHz/24bits, DSD up to 5.6448 MHz), digital inputs (S/PDIF, AES-EBU, TOSLINK), word clock.

Analog Section

XLR balanced and RCA asymetrical inputs, RCA phono input with built-in RIAA filter (MC or MM), input gain control, built-in headphone amplifier and output stage preamplifier, balanced XLR or RCA outputs.

Drives and interfaces

SSD drive (512 GBytes, 1 or 2 TBytes), Slot-in CD reader, USB isochronous/asynchronous audio interface, WIFI, gigabit ethernet, DLNA media renderer.

Dimensions: Width: 485 mm, Height: 105 mm, Depth: 300 mm

DAC Performances (measured at 44.1 kHz):

  • Signal to noise ratio: more than 125 dB, THD+N ratio: below -110 dB
  • Maximum output level (XLR): +10 dBU
  • Trio

    Trio is Stereo Digital Preamplifier. It is a scaled down version of Quartet without ADCs, storage and CD reader. Apart from these differences, it shares the same feature set and performances as Quartet.

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